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Q: What is Epoxy
A: Visit
 for the complete story.

Q: What is Surecrete
A: Sure Crete is a unique blend of modified Portland Cement with crushed aggregate and dry polymers. It is mixed with liquid acrylic resin modifier and then sealed with a high solids solvent sealer.

Q: What is the process in applying Sure Crete?
A: For exterior concrete surfaces we first acid etch to help clean, "rough up" and open the pores on the concrete surface. Next we pressure wash the surface thoroughly with a 3500 psi pressure washer. Then Ultimate Concrete is directly applied to the surface. Finally we apply multiple coats of a high solids sealer to protect the surface from salt damage, UV ray discoloration and various chemical stains.

  • For interior concrete surfaces we have the concrete shot-blasted to prepare the surface before we apply Ultimate Concrete.
  • For vertical surfaces we thoroughly clean the surface before the application of Ultimate Concrete.
Q: How long has Sure Crete been in use?
A: It was first applied in the late 1980's in the Chicago area. Harsh winters and hot summer heat have had no effect on Ultimate Concrete. Ultimate Concrete has a track record of durability that is the best in the industry.

Q: Where can I see samples and learn more about the products?
A: Give us a call and we can put you in contact with someone who has had the process done.

Q: What can you repair?

A: Driveways, pool decks, walkways and more. We can repair most common problems that occur from the normal wear and tear on concrete surfaces in our climate. Pitting and divots that occur from the salt in the winters are not a problem. Warehouse floors, garage floors and lobbies can all be restored.

Q: Why should I resurface instead of replacing?
A: Typically it is less expensive to resurface than to replace. Replacement also means heavy equipment and damage t landscape as well as other disturbances. Our processes do not damage the surrounding areas. We do not dig holes or create dirt and debris. Also, you can choose a decorative pattern of design creating a more attractive alternative to plain, ugly and boring concrete!

Q: Is there any guarantee?
A: At Diversity, we guarantee our workmanship. Whenever contractors install concrete they can only guarantee you that it will get hard and that it will crack. We warranty all our installations for one full year. Our resurfacing products will not flake off the surface on which we apply them. 

Q: Has independent testing been done?
A: Sure Crete through years of research and testing in the field has developed a proprietary blend of polymer, silicone and acrylic resin that is unique to the industry. We do not blend our cement with water, this ensures that you get the highest strength, longest lasting product available anywhere. Our product has been extensively tested here in North America by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ATSM) and has consistently outperformed our competitors. The ATSM is a non profit organization that sets the standards worldwide for product testing. Please visit their website at

Q: What are the physical properties of Sure Crete?
A: For more specific information about Sure Crete, please visit our
General Data page. To compare Sure Crete properties to other manufacturers, go to comparison page.

Q: What colors are available?
A: Sure Crete products have limitless
colors, patterns and designs. If there are custom colors that you would like, for an additional fee, this can be accomplished.

Q: How do you prepare a floor for an epoxy coating?
A: Most interior surfaces require that the floor is shot-blast prior to application of an Epoxy or Urethane coating.

Q: Can you use your products in kitchens and in food prep areas?

A: In food prep area we will always seal our systems with an Epoxy or Urethane coating. These products are NSF and USDA approved. They are approved for use in kitchens and hospitals all across the United States.

Q: Is it slippery?
A: Sure Crete has a natural slip resistance. We also add a non-skid additive to the sealer around areas of concern such as pool decks and entry areas. Our other products all have the capability of adding a non-skid additive to them directly or to the sealer to make them slip resistant.

Q: Can you use your products on asphalt?
A: No. We cannot apply our products on asphalt. We do have product designed for asphalt resealing that gives you the ability to change the color you have now.

Q: To what surfaces can you apply your product?
A: Concrete is the main substrate on which we apply our products. However, they can be applied on masonry block, wood, foam and steel surfaces as well.

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